Uncle Sam Wants You - To Die

The secret list was part of an elaborate scheme designed by Veterans Affairs managers in Phoenix who were trying to hide that 1,400 to 1,600 sick veterans were forced to wait months to see a doctor, according to a recently retired top VA doctor and several high-level sources.

Americans May See Homeownership As A Better Investment Than It Really Is

Gallup asked Americans this month to choose the best “long-term investment.” Real estate was the most common pick, ahead of mutual funds, bonds and other options. Similarly, Fannie Mae’s National Housing Survey asked Americans to assess whether various kinds of assets amounted to a “safe investment with a lot of potential.” As has been the case since before the financial crisis, “buying a home” beat out all the alternatives.

Afghan Hospital Guard Kills Three American Doctors

The shooting at Cure International Hospital in the western part of the Afghan capital was the latest attack on foreign civilians in the city this year. Two others, including an American nurse, were wounded, according to Afghanistan's Health Ministry.

So Much For A Level Playing Field – FCC About To Destroy Net Neutrality

The Federal Communication Commission's proposal for new net neutrality rules will allow internet service providers to charge companies for preferential treatment, effectively undermining the concept of net neutrality, according to The Wall Street Journal. The rules will allow providers to charge companies for preferential treatment so long as they offer that treatment to all interested parties on "commercially reasonable" terms, with the FCC deciding whether the terms are reasonable on a case-by-case basis. Providers will reportedly not be able to block individual websites, however.

Department Of Justice About to Make Clemency Easier For “Nonviolent” Offenders

Prison inmates serving sentences for nonviolent crimes have been offered broader guidelines for seeking clemency, the Department of Justice announced today. The new rules, only eligible to prisoners who have already served 10 years behind bars, will focus on people who would be handed a lesser punishment if they were charged with the same crime today. It’s unclear how many of the nation’s 216,000 federal inmates will be affected.

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Michael Busler

Thomas Piketty and Karl Marx – Right analysis, wrong conclusions

A recently released book "Capital in the Twenty-first Century" by French economist and social Democrat Thomas Piketty has caused quite a stir in the economics profession.Mr. Piketty’s analysis of historical data was similar to what Karl Marx did about 160 years ago. Both note that Capitalism will lead to increases in income inequality that must be addressed. The problem is that both reached incorrect conclusions. Why?

Biff Larue

Socialism never works, yet they keep trying.
Anita Finlay

News Flash: Hillary Clinton Is Not Pregnant

Media outlets are abuzz with Chelsea Clinton's announcement that she and husband Marc Mezvinsky are expecting their first child this fall. Sharing the joyful news at a “No Ceilings” event for young women in New York, Chelsea said, “I just hope I will be as good a mom to my child and hopefully children as my mom was to me” while Mama Hillary looked on, beaming in the seat next to her. But if anyone is under the impression that pundits would lay off the snark for five minutes to join in the celebration, forget it.

Anita Finlay

Great points, E'un bel mattino. As the cheerleaders have not yet revealed their choice, I doubt it is who everyone assumes. BK, given that HRC is pro-growth and not pro-income redistribution, I doubt that's true.
Michael Busler

Are baby boomers leaning right or left?

For the large number of us born between 1946 and 1964, choosing a political party to support is difficult. One party seems too far left and the other too far right. At election time we identify the most crucial issues of the day and then support the candidate with the best solution regardless of party. The problem is that we are then saddled with the rest of the often unwanted positions of the candidate. So should we lean right or left this year?

Charles Faddis

Let the Army Fight

Maybe you have seen the commercial. It begins with a guy in combat gear running across a rooftop in some South Asian country while dramatic music plays in the background. It ends with a scene in which he unfolds the surveying gear he is carrying on his back, sets it up and sights in on his buddy in the marketplace below. He's not part of a combat operation after all. He's apparently part of some civil works project in the nation in question.

Richard Ebeling

Why Government Grows, and How to Reverse It

Regardless of where someone may view himself along the political spectrum (conservative, libertarian, or modern liberal), there are always a variety of government programs and activities that they either think are not worth the money or should not be the business of government in the first place. Yet, it seems almost impossible to rein in government. It keeps growing in size and scope in one direction after another. Why? And is there any way to reverse it?

Michael Busler

To restore trust, don’t vote for an incumbent

There are a number of recent scandals that seem to have something in common. While the details regarding the specifics are not fully available, there seems to be a common theme. A difference exists between what we believe to be happening and what is actually happening. And it is occurring in areas of great concern.

Human Person

Problem is that everyone wants something different. Which citizen is represented? A family who wants more public school funding for their 6 kids? Grandma wanting dementia research funding? A single person who wants more public transit? A banker w/a limo who wants lower taxes? A rancher who wants no ...
Neil McCarthy


The good news today is that eight million people have now signed up for medical insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The better news is that, of those eight million, more than a third were under the age of 35...

Biff Larue

So, when 7 million lose their insurance it is "just a small % of the population". Now when 7 million sign up it "is a success beyond what we expected". Please, this thing is a turd. Deductibles are up, monthly payments are up, medicaid enrollment is up, which is an additional ...

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Jeb Bush Says He Is “Thinking About” A Run For The White House in 2016

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has given the clearest indications that he's considering running for president in 2016.Speaking at a closed-door fundraiser for New York Catholic schools, Bush said he's 'digesting' the idea of running for

Biff Larue

So we are again going to have a choice between a Bush and Clinton...nice. There aren't any other families that can run for office? Why not just do away with elections and go straight to Oligarchy? It seems that way anyway.

The Lamp That Is Eavesdropping On New Yorkers And Tweeting Their Conversations

Wired tells the story of two artists, Kyle McDonald and Brian House, who wanted to experiment with surveillance. The pair installed simple Wi-Fi-enabled recording devices in lamps at McDonalds, a library, a bedroom, a bank, and in New York's Washington Square Park. The recordings are sent to Mechanical Turk workers, who have been transcribing and posting them to Twitter for almost seven months.

This Ad Might be the GOP’s Best Response to the “War on Women”

In Pennsylvania, gubernatorial hopeful Allyson Schwartz is putting gender front and center in one of her first ads, vowing to break through the “boys club” as she tries to stand out in a crowded Democratic primary field. And in Michigan, former secretary of state Terri Lynn Land, the presumptive GOP nominee facing Democratic Rep. Gary Peters for an open U.S. Senate seat, has taken it head-on in a 30-second spot called “Really?” that is simply one of the standout ads of the season.

Biff Larue

Sad that we have to cater to the lowest information voters out there that actually buy into nonsense like this.

The Spin To Keep The Senate

The fight for the Senate majority boils down to boogeyman billionaires against the shifty septuagenarian — if party operatives' spin is to be believed. For months, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been unrelenting in his criticism of Charles and David Koch, the wealthy industrialists who have backed some of the nation's most effective conservative groups.

Biff Larue

So, I guess Bloomberg's 50 million this election cycle, Steyer's 100 million, Soros's untold millions etc don't count because they are giving to democrats.

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The Shot Heard Round the Bar?

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed a wide-ranging gun bill into law Wednesday that has critics howling and proponents applauding. House Bill 60, or the Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014 -- which opponents have nicknamed the "guns everywhere bill" -- specifies where Georgia residents can carry weapons. Included are provisions that allow residents who have concealed carry permits to take guns into some bars, churches, school zones, government buildings and certain parts of airports.

Biff Larue

We have that here in AZ, and amazingly, the blood is not flowing in the streets and there are no shoot outs in bars etc. Anti gun nuts need to realize that the guys that are following the law are not the problem, it's the one's that will ...

5G Mobile Broadband Will Be Here Sooner Than You Think – And It’ll Be a Game Changer

Remember when we had 1G back in the 1980s? No? That's because back then so few thought there would ever be something faster and better. And it took a long time to get to 2G, which finally occurred in the 1990s. It took the better part of yet another decade to get up to 3G. For those of you who noticed, it took less time to get to what most of us now use, 4G, and we all know it is much faster.

Brian Kasban

Unless it's safe from the NSA, who cares.

Classy Move: Man Who Caught Albert Pujols' 500th Homer is Giving The Ball Back

Albert Pujols hit home run no. 500 on Tuesday night at Nationals Park. He is the 26th player in MLB history to reach the milestone. The fan who caught the big home-run ball? Tom Sherrill, who was there all the way from California. Fitting a guy from California would catch the Angels’ slugger’s milestone ball. Sherrill, who is a member of the Air Force, also said something surprising — he would be giving the ball back. No money needed. He knew Pujols would value the ball more, so he plans to hand it over after the game.

SCOTUS Ready To Rule On Internet TV, As Soon As Someone Explains What The Hell It Is

The oral arguments in ABC’s U.S. Supreme Court challenge to Aereo reflected the clever technological and legal feat this Barry Diller-backed startup pulled off by attaching thousands of dime-sized antennas to content-streaming servers. From the beginning, justices struggled to get lawyers for ABC, Aero and the Obama administration to nail down exactly what kind of beast this company is.

Erick Erickson Not Afraid To Take Low Road In Juvenile Attacks On Hillary Clinton

While guest hosting Rush Limbaugh’s radio show on Tuesday, conservative pundit and Fox News contributor Erick Erickson offered what may ultimately be a preview of what we can expect to hear from the right if Hillary Clinton decides to run for president in 2016…

Jerry Doyle

I understand pundits on the Left say worse things, and more frequently - if you look back you'll see that we've addressed some of the more grievous accounts. But, and this is important, it's not the REPUBLICANS who are doing this – it’s their cheerleaders. The problem is ...

US Looks To Cut Back Number Of Deportations

Tens of thousands of immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally but don't have serious criminal records could be shielded from deportation under a policy change being weighed by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

Biff Larue

Keep encouraging them to come here. Do that long enough and our resources will be so exhausted there will be no reason for them to come here. The means justifies the end I guess.

Will The Real Colbert Please Stand Up?

We're used to seeing Stephen Colbert in-character on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, looking supremely confident as a right-wing master of the media universe. But Colbert came across a bit more humble during an appearance on CBS' The Late Show on Tuesday night

In Case You Missed It

Everyday Problems Summed Up In 32 Hilarious Infographics

Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler from Kind of Normal are responsible for every single one of these funny truth graphs. They know how to speak to us and our various mundane, everyday woes.

Anita Finlay

#3 is my favorite. We can't go the movies without some freakishly tall person with a hat sitting in front of me. My tall hubby is unaffected. It's a conspiracy. :)

David Loewen

#2 - "How to LOOSE 20 lbs in four weeks." #4 - Irony. ;-)

David Longnecker

Slide 28 is quite true. Wifi should easily be added to the hierarchy of "modern" needs. ;)

Rosemary Gregorec

HAHAHA!! Graphic #3....my husband is 6ft 7in we always feel bad if we get to a theater and the ONLY seats left are NOT in the way back.

Oprah's Stepmother Unleashes a Blistering Tell-All Interview

After 14 years of marriage to Oprah's father Vernon, Barbara Winfrey is being forced out of her marital home by Oprah, leaving her homeless. 'You say I never talk to you,' Oprah told Barbara in a birthday phone call. 'I'm talking to you…

Brian Kasban

I always find it hilarious when someone the liberal media tries to project as an "oh so good person" like Oprah and then something like this comes out. Remember when she tried to start a racist controversy over her purse while traveling, but women will still support her and watch ...

US And Russian Dolphins Could Square Off In Black Sea

The tense East-West standoff in Ukraine could reach a new level of escalation: underwater. According to a report from the Russian newspaper Izvestia, the United States Navy's marine mammal unit will be deployed to the Black Sea this summer, where American dolphins and sea lions could find themselves nose-to-nose with their Russian counterparts.

How The Rolex Survives, And Thrives, In the Digital World

Last year, the decision makers at Rolex decided the time was right for a shakeup. Unlike with most "shakeups," however, there wouldn't be widespread corporate reorganization, and scores of merchandise wouldn’t be cut. Instead, Rolex executives decided that it was time for the company to launch its first branded Facebook page, a herculean leap for a brand that has, for decades, closely monitored its reputation and only made tweaks — in both its watches and marketing strategies — after subjecting them to significant scrutiny.

All That Is Wrong With The Republican Entertainment Complex

Presidential hopefuls be forewarned: If Glenn Beck gives you a gift, say thanks. The conservative commentator said Monday he still regrets giving Mitt Romney a first-edition copy of George Washington’s farewell address during the 2012 presidential campaign. One main reason? Romney never officially thanked him for it, Beck says.

daniel Martinez

who is glen beck and why is he so oversensitive? whiny brain-dead conservative talk show hosts spouting fantasy level" leave it to beaver" morals and jingoism, all while sucking jesus (insert your favorite deity or religion) into a syringe and shooting up god is what is wrong with the ...

GOP Has $31M Banked To Hold House

FILE - This March 14, 2013 file photo shows House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of Calif., and House Democratic leaders speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington. The House Republicans’ campaign committee raised almost $10 million in March and has $31.2 million…

The Truth Behind A Doctors Salary

Medscape, a subsidiary of the medical information website WebMD, has released its 2014 Physician Compensation Report. The data in the report come from more than 24,000 doctors in 25 specialties, who responded to Medscape's annual survey with information on their compensation for 2013…

Want To Make Powdered Booze At Home? But Here’s How

Some truths we rarely question. The sky is blue. The sun rises in the east. Cocktails are wet. But a new product, called Palcohol, aims to crumble our everyday expectations. It's an alcoholic beverage -- in powder form. Carry a convenient lightweight packet of powder with you anywhere, and reconstitute it with water whenever you want a drink.

Do Student Loan Borrowers Need Better Incentive To Repay?

If you have student loans, chances are you wish there was a way to make them disappear. And in a way, there is: The federal government now offers three repayment plans that lower monthly payments and will—eventually—forgive remaining debt.

Timothy Prentice

Self-Responsibility! If you cant afford it, don't buy it. Wall-street should of never gotten the bailout. This is not a hard concept and parent should be teaching their children, oh but wait, most parents overspend also.

How Did This Happen? Nearly Half Of America Has Zero Net Wealth

Wealth is the value of everything you own: stocks, bonds, your home, your car -- minus your debts. And while income inequality has taken center stage in debates about the growing gap between rich and poor, what's happening with wealth paints an even more staggering…

George Fedelski

Our county is proposing higher property taxes as they need to spend more money on their union employees plus raising sales and gasoline taxed. These morons expect to get blood out a stone?
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