Is America Ready For Terrorist Attacks Conducted By Children?

While American children are playing video games and snapchatting, many children in Islamic countries are being indoctrinated in hate. When their training is through, they will be allowed into the United States as migrants.

Liberals and deniers can call it scare tactics all they want, but the truth is on video. All the Islamic extremist groups need, is for one child to be successful with their Jihad. One successful terrorist attack can kill hundreds even thousands. While working as a humanitarian aid worker in the Middle East and South East Asia, I witnessed what indoctrinated children can do. Islamic terrorist target these children, because they are more malleable, easier to train and have no conscience.

Ask the men, women and children in; South Sudan, Nigeria, and Kenya, what one radical Islamic Child could do. ISIS, Boko Haram and the al-Nusra Front, have all publicized their efforts at training children, claiming that they’re training the next generation of jihadist. ISIS’ so-called “Cubs of the Caliphate” are part of its long-term strategic plan to create what it considers an “ideologically pure” army.

While American society convinces their children that sports stars, entertainers or transgenders are heroes, these children are being told that their heroes are jihadist, suicide bombers and martyrs.

During a sermon at the New Testament Christian Church in Plymouth, MA., Pastor Jemimah Mbaya recalled several occasions where children who were indoctrinated by Boko Haram, slaughtered Christians without mercy in her town. Mrs. Mbaya is Senior Pastor and founder of the Latter House Christian Centre in Maiduguri, Nigeria. One of her more chilling stories, was when she said; Boko Haram men and boys stormed through her village with machetes, and slaughtered, “unbelievers and Christians.” As she and her family tried to flee, a young attacker, “grabbed a boy in front of them, slashed open his chest, cut out his heart and ate it.” She recalled looking into his eyes and feeling as if, “he was possessed.”

These types of stories are common in the Middle East and Africa. Indoctrinated children are used as look outs, drug mules, assassins, and suicide bombers. Many of these children are lethal killers by the time they are 12 years old.

During the Iraq and Afghanistan war, al-Qaeda and Taliban forces would put suicide vest on children and have them walk into coalition checkpoints, then remotely detonate them. The same type of guerrilla warfare is happening in the Syrian civil war. These are the same children who President Obama claim people who oppose the resettlement of Syrian refugees, are afraid of.

As Syrian refugees rumble across Europe seeking asylum, they bring with them children, mainly boys. ISIS warned us themselves in their recent online magazine;DABIQ, that “ they will be using the refugee crisis as an avenue to sneak jihadist into Europe and America.” According to The U.N. Refugee Agency (UNHCR), “58 percent of the Syrian refugees are men, 25 percent are children and 17 percent are women.”

In 2015 alone, U.S. Officials confirmed 250 Americans traveled or attempted to travel to Syria/Iraq to join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), many of them were in their teens and early twenties. They are also investigating over 900 active ISIS sympathizers in all 50 states.

Over seventy individuals have been arrested and charged with planning a terrorist act or financially supporting ISIS since March 2014. In 2015, over fifty were arrested and charged. This is the most since Sept 11, 2001. According to a December 2015 report done by George Washington University entitled; ISIS in America, of the individuals charged in 2015;

  • The average age was 26
  • 86% were male
  • Their activities were located in 21 states
  • 51% traveled or attempted to travel abroad
  • 27% were involved in plots to carry out attacks on U.S. Soil.
  • 55% were arrested in an operation involving an informant and/or an undercover agent.
  • The profiles of individuals involved in ISIS related activities in the U.S. Differ widely in race, age social class, education, and family background. Their motivations were equally diverse and defied easy analysis.

We have already witnessed terrorist attacks in Paris and America. Both attacks led back to ISIS. The Paris attack can be traced back to Syrian refugees. Is America ready for terrorist attacks conducted by children?