63% Believe “Anti-Vaxxers” Aren’t To Blame For Measles Outbreak

A new EpicTimes poll shows that 63% of respondents think that those who refuse to vaccinate their children due to medical concerns are not to blame for the current outbreak of measles in the United States.

As EpicTimes has reported, a measles outbreak has been traced to Disneyland in California and at least 62 cases have been reported in the state since the end of December.

25% of poll participants believe that “Anti-Vaxxers” are to blame and 12% think they aren’t to blame, but should be condemned for their beliefs anyway.

While some members of the medical community criticize those who won’t vaccinate their children, such as Cynthia Leifer, associate professor of immunology at Cornell University, EpicTimes Contributor Robert Scott Bell has often spoken out against vaccines. “The official story is what? Vaccines are sanctified. They are sacrament. And you must give your child over to that sacrament on this altar of the church of pharmaceutical mysticism,” says Bell.

Readers of EpicTimes were asked to respond to the following question, “Are “anti vaxxers” to blame for the current measles outbreak?” The possible repsonses were. “Yes – Their selfishness is allowing this disease to make a comeback”,  “Yes – But they should be commended for holding firm to their beliefs anyway ,” and “No – There are other factors involved that have caused the outbreak.”

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