March 17, 2019: Wikipedia article of the Day

Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral is a Gothic revival cathedral in Cork, Ireland, whose modern building was completed in 1879, and today belongs to the Church of Ireland. The cathedral is dedicated to Finbarr of Cork, patron saint of the city, who may have founded a monastery on the grounds in the seventh century. During the medieval period, the site underwent successive wars and repeated construction and damage. Fin Barre’s rebuilding was commissioned in the mid-19th century as the first major project for the Victorian architect William Burges, who designed most of its architecture, interior sculpture, stained glass, mosaics and interior furniture. Many of the external sculptures, including the gargoyles, were modeled by Thomas Nicholls. The exterior is capped by three spires, and is mostly built from local stone. The main entrance contains representations of over a dozen biblical figures, capped by a tympanum showing a Resurrection scene.
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