Find The Batcave With Google Maps

Try as he might to keep it a secret, the folks at Google have located Bruce Wayne’s Batcave and put it up on Google Maps for anyone to tour.

You can explore Batman’s world, both above and below ground, in an interactive stroll through the Wayne residence both above and below ground. This is one time when it’s fine to be a nosy voyeur, picking your way through a billionaire super-hero’s private residence.

Both serious and casual fans will enjoy the in-depth stroll through Wayne’s world, getting close up looks at his arsenal, the Batmobile and even the defaced Robin costume.

As nice as this might be, it’s no where near as good as touring the cave in the Batman: Arkham Origins video game, which is more along the lines of the traditional Batcave we’re used to seeing:


Fun fact: The cave as we know it now wasn’t born in a comic – it came from the first Batman movie.

Originally, there was only a secret tunnel that ran underground between Wayne Manor and a dusty old barn where the Batmobile was kept. In 1943, the writers of the first Batman movie serial gave Batman a complete underground crime lab and introduced it in the second chapter entitled “The Bat’s Cave”. The entrance was via a secret passage through (the now iconic) grandfather clock and included bats flying around.

Bob Kane, who was on the movie set, mentioned this to Bill Finger who was going to be the initial writer on the Batman daily newspaper strip. Finger included with his script a clipping from Popular Mechanics that featured a detailed cross section of underground hangars. Kane used this clipping as a guide, adding a study, crime lab, workshop, hangar and garage. This illustration appeared in the Batman “dailies” on October 29, 1943 in a strip entitled “The Bat Cave!”

The Batcave made its comic book debut in Detective Comics #83 in January 1944

The Batcave made its comic book debut in Detective Comics #83 in January 1944