Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition To Hit Theaters

Despite its disappointing theatrical run, or perhaps because of it, Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition will get a one-night theatrical release on Monday, June 27th in select theaters across America.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice received critical reviews and preformed well below expectations at the box office, yet it still managed to establish the expanding DC Cinematic Universe, albeit in a very clunky and ham-fisted manner.

The backlash from its poor opening moved director Zack Snyder, the film’s stars Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, and Warner Bros. to tout the director’s cut as the definitive vision of the superhero smashup. Now, thanks to the uproar from fans eager to see the director’s cut, the R-rated “ultimate edition” will be shown on the big screen. But just for one night and only in select cities.

Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition

The 30 minutes of extra content will include a deleted scene featuring the debut of the Justice League’s main adversary, Steppenwolf.

While the trailer for BvS Ultimate Edition (above) doesn’t show much of the new footage, we do get a few quick shots, with the most obvious being an exchange between Batman and Alfred while Bruce is in the Batwing.

Bruce tells his longtime friend “I don’t deserve you Alfred.” to which Alfred replies “No sir, you don’t”.

Want to see Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition in theaters?  Here’s where you can catch it, but only on Monday June 27th:

Austin, Texas
Theater: Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane

Burbank, California
Theater: AMC Burbank 16 – Dolby Atmos

Chicago, Illinois 
Theater: Showplace ICON – Dolby Atmos

Columbus, Ohio
Theater: The Gateway Film Center

Houston, Texas
Theater: River Oaks Theatre

Hollywood, California
Theater: ArcLight Hollywood

New York, New York
Theater: AMC Empire 25 – Dolby Atmos
Theater: City Cinemas Angelika Film Center

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Theater: Ritz V

Phoenix, Arizona
Theater: AMC Desert Ridge – Dolby Atmos

San Francisco, California
Theater: Sundance Kabuki Cinema

Washington, D.C.
Theater: E-Street Cinema

You can purchase tickets for any of these showings here.

For those of us who don’t live in (or anywhere near) one of the above mentioned cities, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released digitally on June 28th, and on Blu-ray and DVD on July 19th. You can pre-order your copy here and get it the day it hits shelves.