Singapore Restaurant Offers $2 Million Meal

Tourists visiting Singapore who are willing to burn $2 million on a single meal can do exactly that at a restaurant boasting to offer the “world’s most expensive dining experience.”

Ce La Vi is a restaurant located on the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, a hotspot for affluent visitors. In a recent press release, the owners announced a new 8-hour dining experience for their guests, which includes a 2 carat Jane Seymour diamond ring at the end of the visit.

The offer covers two people, and begins with a 45-minute helicopter ride over Singapore. Other experiences include time onboard a luxury cruise and a chauffer-driven Rolls-Royce ride to the restaurant, where patrons will receive 10,000 roses and an 18-course meal.

Singapore Restaurant Offers Unparalleled Luxury Experience

If the thousands of roses or the helicopter ride was not enough to impress visitors, Ce Le Vi has also partnered with Russian diamond company World of Diamonds to present patrons with diamond chopsticks to eat their food with. The diners names will even be engraved on the luxury utensils.

The food itself is fit for royalty, and includes decadent treats such as Belon oysters, Almas Caviar, and 44-55-year-old vintages wines. The couple will be presented with a 2.08 carat blue diamond rose-gold ring produced by World of Diamonds at the end of the meal. Ce La Vi unveiled the ring alongside actress Jane Seymour three months ago.

The bright blue jewels have garnered interest from a number of parties, including an unnamed royal family. Mashable reports diamonds of a similar color have been known to be auctioned at over $2 million – the same price as Ce La Vi’s exclusive dining experience.

Tourism is a major industry in Singapore. In 2015 alone, the country’s affluent attractions brought in 5,100,109,501 people, over three times the country’s native population. With a one of the world’s lowest crime rates and English being listed as one of the country’s four official languages, Singapore is considered to be a safe an easy place for Western tourists to visit.