No Campfire? No Problem! This Hot Dog Toaster Has you Covered

Previously there were only four ways to cook a hot dog – boil it, nuke it, cook it over a fire or grill it. Now there’s another option. One that allows for all the crispiness of a campfire cooked hot dog combined with the speed of cooking it in the microwave. The Nostalgia Electrics hot dog toaster!

As simple as hot dogs are to make, most methods have their drawbacks. Boiling them leaves you with a hot, but floppy wiener, grilling them or cooking them over a fire is optimal but it takes forever and is impractical in bad weather and cooking them in a microwave dries them out. The hot dog toaster cooks your dogs quickly and still imparts a nice crisp casing. But even this method has a downside – the toaster is a little tough to clean even with the removable drip-tray.


After nearly a thousand reviews on Amazon the hot dog toaster has a 4 (out of five) star rating. The most commonly passed along tip from customers is to use a “skinny” hot dog and set the heat setting to 5. The buns may be toasted before the dogs, so keep an eye on that and since the bottom of the toaster gets hotter than the top, if you have buns that are tapered, place the thinner end at the top to prevent burning.

While it includes a pair of tongs to remove the hot dog, they are about 2″ long and made from cheap plastic. Throw them in the trash and use some wooden or plastic tongs instead for removing the dogs.

At about $15 (as of the time of this writing) this would make a great gift for the hot dog lover you know, and like we say, it’s never too early to get started on your Christmas shopping.

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