Alex Jones Crashes The Young Turks and Cenk Uygur Loses His Mind (VIDEO)

All hell broke loose on Thursday when right-wing conspiracy theorist and talk show host Alex Jones crashed a taping of the web series The Young Turks, nearly coming to blows with ‘Turks’ host Cenk Uygur.

Everything was proceeding as normal on the set at the Republican National Convention when Jones, followed by a camera crew, started challenging Uygur on his support for Hillary Clinton, even briefly holding up a shirt with an image of Bill Clinton and with the word “rape” below it.

Things only got worse when Uygur saw conservative strategist Roger Stone, an expert in the use of opposition research (a.k.a “Smear Campaigns”), in the crowd – presumably brought in by Jones to heighten the tension.

Jones, sounding like an amped up Tom Arnold, began trying to incite Cenk Uygur to either fight or debate Stone.

The feed briefly cut out during the height of the verbal back-and-forth and after it returned Jones brought up Saudi Arabia and called the show a “little Jihad”.

That’s when the jackets came off and fists nearly started flying.

Take a look (Warning: the language in this video is not safe for work)


Wow! Not since Geraldo got knocked in the face with a chair has the set of a talk show been so combative. I half expected Jerry Springer to walk out at the end to give his “final thoughts”.

Uygur has been making headlines with his vocal criticism of Donald Trump. Speaking to RT’s Watching the Hawks show, he again lambasted Trump for the lack of “policy positions.”

“The only thing he cares about is Donald Trump. That’s his only policy position: Trump, Trump, Trump,” Uygur said, adding that GOP supporters do not have interest for policies either.

For his part, Jones said on his website, Infowars, that Uygur “went into an emotional breakdown after being challenged to a debate.” However, Jones must have forgotten that it was he who stormed Uygur’s set and began the whole chain of events.