Maple Bacon Pop-Tarts, Hit or Miss?

In December of 2015 Kellogg’s introduced to the world several new flavors of Pop-Tarts but none garnered more attention than the Maple Bacon Pop-Tarts. Initial reactions ranged from “Where can I buy Maple Bacon Pop-Tarts as fast as humanly possible,” to “I’d rather eat a sweaty gym sock wrapped around a used urinal cake”.  It’s been 6 months since their release and they’ve become so popular the tasty treat has been flying off Walmart shelves. Amazon reviewers rave “Holy s****!! These are great” and “These are absolutely wonderful!”

Several years ago Pop-Tarts expanded their brand beyond the classic strawberry, cherry or chocolate options. Crazy new tastes like watermelon, hot fudge sundae and red velvet were introduced to the line with the new Pop-Tarts flavors being crazier than the last. But it seems they were only getting “warmed up”.

Last month Kellogg’s released their limited edition “Soda-Mazing” run of Pop-Tarts including Frosted Crush Orange and Frosted A&W Root Beer.

“We’re always trying to surprise our fans with flavors they’ll love,” said Angela Gusse, director of marketing. “Pop-Tarts and soda pop is a fun, new flavor combination – the Frosted A&W Root Beer and Frosted Crush Orange varieties are so different from our fruity and dessert-type tarts, and this is our first beverage-inspired flavor. We’re excited to welcome them to our family!”

Even Ne-Yo and DNCE are on board the “Crazy-Flavor Train”


A company press release says, “Frosted A&W Root Beer is bubbling with root beer-flavored filling, wrapped inside a golden crust, and are topped with sweet white frosting and brown, red and orange crunchlets.” While the Frosted Crush Orange is described as having “citrus-flavored filling that will tingle your taste buds with its sweet white frosting and orange string icing”.

Introduced in 1964 with just four flavors (strawberry, blueberry, brown sugar cinnamon, and apple currant), Pop-Tarts is Kellogg’s most popular product in the United States with an estimated 2 billion pastries eaten each year. Yes, BILLION.

And the original number of Pop-Tarts flavors has risen from four to 26.

Even superstar Anna Kendrick is a fan of the pastry:

Top Ten Craziest Pop-Tarts Flavors

Limited Edition – Frosted Pink Lemonade

Image (c) Kellogg's Company, Pop-Tarts

Confetti Cupcake


They get even more strange (and meaty?)….