Bad Lip Reading Covers Ted Cruz Talking Trump At RNC (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz and his famous non-endorsement speech at the Republican National Convention is the latest target for the folks at Bad Lip Reading, and the majority of the “revised” speech focuses on a series of insults directed at Donald Trump.

Bad Lip Reading also nailed Ted’s creepy laugh.

Cruz says, to a chorus of boos from the crowd, Trump “just got the weirdest medicine for ‘back flam'” and says he’s “out way of his mind, just like about all of you people I guess”.

“If we elect this cartoon of a human we will have made a mistake,” Cruz says before addressing Trump’s entrance into the hall.

This is probably the speech Cruz wishes he could have given. Take a look.


A Bad Lip Reading Transcript of Ted Cruz Addressing the Republican National Convention

The below transcript contains NO punctuation or corrections. It is offered as a courtesy for people who are on connections that don’t allow YouTube.

==== START =================================

let’s talk a bit about mr. Trump i dined with him he put meth on my fork once the
guy’s a creep
I think he’s cool I bet you don’t like his brows what bugs me the mouse are the
hair puppets
not the hair balls I love those
they’re wonderful please don’t go eat them I call dibs
ok Oh like hear it
anywho last summer I was with tromping we were by the pool and he was feisty
so he called for a happy child race then I punched his rib
hey someone’s giving me the hairy eyeball
do you have a problem I’m talking to you blondie
don’t ever look straight at me now
something you don’t know about mr. trout
the guy just got the weirdest medicine for backfill am I here
gross can you get I don’t even know how that works
the guy is way out of his mind just like about all you people I guess next person
thats wounds by this man gets a power in the paper
shut up at you scratch your flat because you weren’t ready to fight friend and
guess what y’all urban I can hear it I don’t like it that I have to be here
right now if we elect this cartoon of a human
we will have made a mistake that’s straight-up mass that guy wants to party
and have someone that will do the puking for hear what I said that guy’s grosser
than a demon Hellcat
Wow will you look at that
he’s now the building you little evil creeps
that guy needs a turd martini – 34 a mean guy don’t serenade live princess so
you can hear me coming a taxi will stretch our legs and you can choke on
your Instagram

<End Automated Transcript>