Justice League Dark: 8 Minute Sneak Peek Lands Online (VIDEO)

Fans have been wanting this for a long time, and now, courtesy of DC and Warner Bros. Animation they are going to get it: A Justice League Dark feature-length animated film.

Included as a “bonus feature” on The Killing Joke DVD/Blu-Ray release was the below 8 minute sneak peak with portions of the movie interspersed with interviews of various creators of the movie such as Creative Director Mike Carlin and Producer James Tucker who explains what makes Justice League Dark different from the regular Batman-Superman-Wonder Woman Justice League.

“Justice League Dark is what it sounds like. It’s the dark side of justice,” Tucker says. They are a group of heroes who confront “occult threats, supernatural threats, that the real Justice League may be powerless against.”

Justice League Dark is comprised of John Constantine (who will be voiced by Matt Ryan, the actor who played Constantine in the short lived NBC live-action show), Black Orchid, Etrigan the Deamon, Deadman, The Swamp Thing and Zatanna.  They will also be joined by regular members of the Justice League, Superman Wonder Woman and Green Lantern will all have supporting roles. Batman is more prominently featured in the film and serves as the audience’s conduit into the world of magic and mysticism.

First Look: Justice League Dark


The film will be released straight to home video later this fall. In the meantime, CLICK HERE to get familiar with Justice League Dark comics.

Justice League Dark Sneak Peak Transcript

The below transcript contains NO punctuation or corrections. It is offered as a courtesy for people who are on connections that don’t allow YouTube.

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these crimes were committed by law abiding citizens the same pattern is
repeating around the world
so there could be an overriding factor perhaps a paranormal element are you
talking about magic
the single most powerful conduit of evil history of the world
I will wait for you
I see fit there are things that are beyond us
and that’s why they just sleep dark is there justice league dark is what it
sounds like gets the dark side of justice
a group of supernatural heroes who band together loosely to take on a cold
threats supernatural threats threats that the real justice league may be
powerless against this is the first time that were actually going to explore the
supernatural side I’m not just supernatural and doesn’t villains but
actually supernaturals in heroes
it’s pretty interesting seeing heroes working on the dark side of the fence
you can see them do things that be just the couldn’t do and it’s intense it’s
I wanted to be more like a horror film can birth to the temple
a lot of thrills a lot of frights
that’s a fun drive
it’s justice league movie but it’s not theirs they’re just like members in it
but they’re not going to be the focus sometimes the more mainstream heroes are
not the right guy for the job you have
dead man and the demon and swamp thing and zatanna and John Constantine
these outsiders are going to make up the Justice League in this movie
these are not guys who go to meetings and sit around a table
they kind of appear and disappear when needed
they don’t look like your typical superheroes
they’re outcasts no one is happy when they show up if anything with justly
dark everyone is frightened when they show up they misunderstand them so
having monstrous people do heroic things is always kind of cool
there’s no assumption that they’re going to do the right thing
they may want to but they’re not perfect if you throw and just so you know that
they’re all going to have teamwork and they’re all going to work together to
overcome whatever the threat is sorry John
you’re on your round
characters like swamp thing John Constantine’s that I’m a dead man
a try again they’re constantly butting heads the cost to get in each other’s
but i like that at least with an origin would be like this where you see them
start to slowly learn how to work together you see how they’re able to
complement each other to overcome villains that don’t really adhere to the
same rules of somebody like Lex Luthor or the Joker or even dark side
action and just sleep dark I tried to make it as over-the-top as all the
fighting games and video games that I played and a lot of the anime that i
watch visually we knew we wanted this not to be the same as a regular justice
league movie because the involvement of magic we needed to represent that in a
physical kind of way
so Jay came up with the idea of using the rooms to personify the magic in each
character kind of has their own special design bro
which appears whenever their magic is being used and so it became kind of a
visual accent you actually see the rooms when they use their magic you actually
see the design of what their power personifies and looks like for fans of
the dark side of the DC universe will see a lot of easter eggs and callbacks
to it like the demons three make an appearance
I’m betting the house the House of Mystery our justice league dark comic
the house mr. played a big part
so mysterious house that comes and goes as it’s needed to help the world to see
a lot of callbacks to the comics as well as some new things that we added in to
kind of you know keep things you know new for the audience
the criminally insane don’t need magic to do evil Batman is in a lot
we are introduced to this world through his eyes he doesn’t really want to
believe in magic
even when it’s right in front of him not everything requires magic
Batman now he’s us he’s the human beings and so when he starts to see these
there’s a part of him that just like us would be like okay I’m that this can’t
be real
you know it’s gotta be something behind this he believes in aliens he’s met them
he’s fought them some of them are his best friends but you will not admit that
magic is real
don’t kill him you can’t
Constantine is like the everyman
of the supernatural world is just wearing a trench coat and tie and blazer
he’s got powers but it’s not flashy doesn’t wear a costume with any kind but
he knows everything about everyone
so he’s kind of like a private investigator / a cult expert
he’s cool he’s like James Dean with powers you know he’s not a joiner
he doesn’t belong in a group if anything he ends up hurting the people he deals
with so he kind of is a loner out of necessity and so he’s the perfect guy
you want is the lead because when he does it roll things that actually means
something that’s why we need you
you can lead us dead man is in the story as well he’s kind of a fun character in
terms of possessing other people and heroes and it’s just fun to see him on
maybe it’s time to make a difference Zatanna obviously is a well-known magical
she tries not to do magic throughout the film because she knows that she’s one of
the most powerful Wizards out there by taking that power a temptation is too
great for her to be corrupted by it and so she tried to stay away from it
gone gone the form of man arise the dreamer not regard i love the demon and
in a way the story centers around him since the threat that is put before the
heroes of Earth is an ancient threat from back in medieval times and the
demon is kind of connected to the story right from the start
Swamp things also a fantastic sir reality character
I’m a huge something fan that was one to do a movie with him in it
it’s the magic of the house decided he wanted to experience humanity and gave
itself a body
sure did we also have black orchid who is a manifestation of the house which is
different than it’s been in the comics
your life is a patchwork of blackness was no time for joy
how do you cope with it I have a butler
no two ways about it we need to get close to have a chance
I expect the worst so I prepare for the worst we were able to line up matt ryan
who played Constantine on TV
he really was Constantine to me I really wanted to jump into this project to play
constantine a different context around some of the iconic characters there in
the DC dark world Alan Colin was murdered by terrorists his body was
never recovered
innocent lives are at stake I think it’s one of the best just the six scripts so
you see why I can’t do what you do she always has to say how she feels the
I could kill him little late for that my friend
sweet that means hurting me why are we in the middle of a godforsaken swamp to
smash your stall is what I crave
they’re everywhere everywhere
it’s a different kind of story than what we’ve done in the past was just fighting
are fighting Lex Luthor or super villains but now we’re dealing with you
villains who want to take your soul I think fans can expect the unexpected
you don’t consider the cost now John there’s no time
here’s what real magic looks like are not reaction
move fine and dandy let’s take a walk on the dark side then

<<End Transcript>>