Babylon 5’s “Garibaldi‟ Released From CNN Vault

Historic footage shot by CNN behind the scenes of TV show Babylon 5 was released this week, It includes never before seen footage and interviews with EpicTimes founder and president Jerry Doyle who played Lt. Michael Garibaldi for all five seasons. Exclusive clips from his interview below.

UPDATE: Jerry Doyle Censored on “CNN Documents Babylon 5 DVD” Official Release? (Exclusive)

In addition, Babylon 5 series star Claudia Christian who played Susan Ivanova joined Jerry Doyle in studio to give a “20 years later‟ “picture in picture” commentary while watching the footage themselves for the first time. Examples of their reactions can be seen at 1:56 in this trailer below.

Is that Garibaldi Kissing Ivanvoa? Watch the video to find out

Why 20 Years Later?
From the mid-to-late 1990’s, CNN visited the stages of Babylon 5 in Sun Valley, California several times to conduct interviews and acquire footage for various news segments celebrating milestones. Most of the hours of footage they actually shot was never broadcast, remaining in the vault at CNN for decades until… a CNN producer (and Babylon 5 fan) found this footage in the archives and alerted Babylon 5 Books. Thus began the ambitious process to license, produce and release the content to fans.

The entire 3-DVD set is available at where you can also see more clips from the DVD set.


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