Ghostbot Will Automatically End a Bad Relationship for You

If you are someone who hates conflict and would rather not have to deal with the hassle of a break up, the Ghostbot app is perfect for you.

Working in conjunction with the Burner app – a program that provides people with an unlimited amount of temporary phone numbers to use for online dating or other services such as Etsy or Craiglist – users of Ghostbot can activate the program and connect it to a Burner number. For example, say you are dating Chris and Chris has a specific Burner number assigned to them. Chris becomes overly aggressive or clingy and you decide it’s best to end the relationship, as casual as it may be. You give Ghostbot Chris’ Burner number and the program will take it from there.

Image (c) Ghostbot

Ghostbot in action.

The artificial intelligence built into the Ghostbot program can let the overly persistent texter down gently or more forcefully, depending on the messages being sent and how you’ve programmed the responses. The bot even varies the length of response time to mimic the behavior of an uninterested dater and eventually just stops replying.

If you’re someone who pays attention to detail, this app is perfect for you. If you are the sort of person who feels that details get in the way of your care-free, easy-going lifestyle, be careful. If you sic the Ghostbot on the wrong person you may end up with a lot of explaining to do later on.