Why Jerry Doyle Returned to the Babylon 5 Studios a Year After B5 Ended (VIDEO)

To save money, Babylon 5 was shot on soundstages built in a former hot tub factory in an isolated part of Los Angeles meant for factories, not film production. When Jerry Doyle filmed his final scenes for Babylon 5: A Call to Arms on May 27, 1998, he waved goodbye to the junkyard and rock quarry next door, figuring he’d never see the stages again. He was wrong.

After the Babylonian exodus, the facility became home to the buddy-cop series Martial Law starring Hong Kong action hero Sammo Hung and Arsenio Hall. The second season premiere of Martial Law guest stars Jerry Doyle.

What makes this interesting is that, for the first time ever, Jerry discussed his role on Martial Law last year during an interview for the Babylon 5 Cast Reunions Collection. Now all 44 episodes of Martial Law are being released on DVD for the first time.  Could there be a connection?

The timing inspired B5 Books to cut together the highlights of Jerry Doyle’s Martial Law appearance with clips from his recent interview. See video below.

The episode is called “Sammo Blammo,” and features Hung’s character fitted with a booby-trapped time bomb built by a bankrobber-for-hire-turned-vengeful-bomber played by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Armin Shimmerman. The bomber is seeking revenge on the man who never paid him for the robbery that sent him to prison: Thomas McQueen, played by Jerry Doyle.

Doyle recalled returning to the stages for Martial Law a year after finishing up Babylon 5 when he was interviewed alongside B5 co-stars Claudia Christian and Patricia Tallman for Babylon 5: The Cast Reunions, a 20th anniversary Blu-ray/DVD which includes a feature-length interview with the actors who played Ivanova, Lyta and Garibaldi on Babylon 5.

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