First Kindergarten Cop 2 Images Featuring Dolph Lundgren Surface

It’s time to go back to school with Dolph Lundgren in this direct-to-DVD (Blu-ray) sequel to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1990 classic – Kindergarten Cop.

Directed by Don Paul, the sequel finds a new officer (Lundgren) stuck the classroom, alongside a partner named Sanjit. In the sequel, a missing flash drive from the Witness Protection Program somehow lands in a kindergarten classroom, and it’s up to Lundgren’s character to retrieve it before some Albanian gangsters do. From there, the typical straight-man with children shenanigans ensue.

The folks at got their hands on these photos from the set..

While an exact release date has not been set, Kindergarten Cop 2 will head directly to Blu Ray and DVD in 2016.