The Breathtaking Beauty Of Lake Erie’s “November Witch”

A “November Witch” is, as the name suggests, not something to trifle with. The colorful name refers to the particularly nasty storms that pummel the Great Lakes around this time of year.

Most people wisely choose to stay inside, protected from the 30-mph winds whipped by storms so brutal they can make rivers flow backward. But Dave Sandford rushes headlong into the storm with his camera.

Photographer Dave Sandford

Photographer Dave Sandford

Some might call him crazy, but he can’t help himself. “I’ve always loved being by the water,” he says. “Ever since I was a little kid, I had a fascination with big bodies of water and waves. I loved the power and the energy that they have.”

And he has been able to capture both the power and the beauty of these violent storms in a series of hauntingly beautiful photos: