Can Alcohol Addiction be Cured with “One Little Pill” Called Naltrexone?

Worldwide, alcohol abuse kills more people than HIV, nearly 3.3 million per year. Yet what the public believes, and Alcoholics Anonymous purports, “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic,” is not as true as you think. Nor is the fundamental principle for treating alcoholism that we all take as truth; abstinence.

Science has shown that abstinence not only doesn’t take away the addiction, but also increases the craving. So why has one modality dominated our thought since the 1930’s? Why are profitable rehab facilities reluctant to change? And why are millions of people still being denied the opportunity of a simple life saving method and drug that have been FDA approved since 1994?

“It’s about time… to offer up people something else” says Claudia Christian, Executive Producer of One Little Pill when she appeared on the nationally syndicated Jerry Doyle Show to discuss a recent Wall Street Journal article on the changing face of sobriety.

While it’s exciting, and long past due, to see mainstream media outlets addressing the fact there are alternatives to  AA and rehab there is one glaring misstatement in the article.  The drug, Naltrexone, is referred to as a “buzz kill” in the piece – a misleading and possibly off-putting statement.

“(Naltrexone) eliminates the compulsion (to drink), not the buzz” says Christian.

This eye opening  documentary takes an in depth look at a simple, safe method with success rates of 78%, the suppressing obstacles surrounding it, and those people just now finding it.

Listen to their potentially lifesaving conversation here:


About Claudia:

Claudia Christian is an actress, writer, singer, songwriter, director, producer, and voice-over artist. She landed her first TV series at age 18 with NBC’s Berringers and her first studio feature at 20 in the cult hit The Hidden. Christian went on to star in studio pictures such as Clean and Sober with Morgan Freeman and Michael Keaton and in TV shows such as sci-fi megahit Babylon 5.  More than 50 films and hundreds of TV shows later, Christian has worked with George Clooney, Sharon Stone, Nicolas Cage, and countless other luminaries. She was the voice for Jaguar cars and Helga Sinclair in Disney’s Atlantis. Christian recently starred in the new Showtime series Look and appeared on NBC’s hit cult series, Grimm. Most recently, Christian appeared in a John Wells Production called Prodigy/Bully, a series pilot for the FOX network. She is also a popular voiceover talent and can be heard in many popular video games such as SkyrimGuild Wars, and Halo 4.

Follow her on Twitter: @ClaudiaLives

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