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Amazon Begins Delivery Drone Testing in UK

Image (c) Amazon, Delivery Drone

The United Kingdom’s version of the Federal Aviation Administration, the Civil Aviation Authority, has given Amazon the green light to begin testing their “Prime Air” delivery drone service in the UK, it was announced Tuesday. The e-commerce giant said the partnership they’ve formed with U.K. aviation regulators will allow it to test and develop new drone delivery…

Bad Lip Reading Covers Ted Cruz Talking Trump At RNC (VIDEO)

Image (c) RNC, Ted Cruz, Bad Lip Reading

Ted Cruz and his famous non-endorsement speech at the Republican National Convention is the latest target for the folks at Bad Lip Reading, and the majority of the “revised” speech focuses on a series of insults directed at Donald Trump. Bad Lip Reading also nailed Ted’s creepy laugh. Cruz says, to a chorus of boos from…