HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Raids Babylon 5 Costumes

Image (c) HBO, Silicon Valley

By Jason Davis Senior Editor, Babylon 5 Books With last night’s season 4 debut of HBO’s “Silicon Valley” we are reminded of last season’s B5 costume sighting and how this is NOT the first time HBO has done this. Viewers of the third season episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley–titled “Daily Active Users”–might have noted the unusual…

Amazon Prime Streaming Adds Matrix Trilogy for August

Image (c) Warner Bros. The Matrix, Amazon Prime Streaming

Amazon Prime streaming service will add, among others, a pair of film trilogies in their August offerings. Joining the Matrix franchise will be the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle films. Also coming in August is the film Cloverfield, after The Blair Witch Project it maybe the best found-footage style movie to date. Just be careful if you get…