50 Cent, Melissa McCarthy & Jodi Foster Audition For Young Han Solo (VIDEO)

Image (c) TBS, Conan, Young Han Solo

TBS’ Late Night With Conan O’Brien, whose Comic Con coverage was second-to-none, called in “every single funny person (they) know” for a spoof audition session for the actor to play a young Han Solo in the untitled Star Wars anthology film. Among the big names to “audition” for the role were Melissa McCarthy, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Hader, Will…

Sega Releases Mega Drive Pre-Loaded with Sonic the Hedgehog and 80 More Classic Games

Image (c) Sega Mega Drive Console

Just two weeks after Nintendo’s announcement of its Classic Mini retro console, Sega has licensed 80 classic games to be released in a pre-loaded console to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its popular Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Unlike the Nintendo’s NES console, the offering from Chinese manufacturer At Games lacks much of the retro look and feel…