Bad Lip Reading Covers Ted Cruz Talking Trump At RNC (VIDEO)

Image (c) RNC, Ted Cruz, Bad Lip Reading

Ted Cruz and his famous non-endorsement speech at the Republican National Convention is the latest target for the folks at Bad Lip Reading, and the majority of the “revised” speech focuses on a series of insults directed at Donald Trump. Bad Lip Reading also nailed Ted’s creepy laugh. Cruz says, to a chorus of boos from…

The World’s Last VCR to be Manufactured in July

Image (c) WikiMedia, Sony VCR

The Japanese company Funai Electric, which claims to be the world’s last VCR manufacturer, says it will end production of the antiquated technology this month. VCRs were a staple of any home entertainment system for decades, having first been introduced in the 1960s, but not gaining traction until Sony brought lower-priced models to market. Other Japanese manufacturers, including Panasonic,…