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Ghostbot Will Automatically End a Bad Relationship for You

Image (c) Pixabay, Ghostbot

If you are someone who hates conflict and would rather not have to deal with the hassle of a break up, the Ghostbot app is perfect for you. Working in conjunction with the Burner app – a program that provides people with an unlimited amount of temporary phone numbers to use for online dating or other services…

Miss Cleo, Famous TV ‘Psychic,’ Dead at 53

Image (c) Miss Cleo, Youree Harris

Miss Cleo, the woman whose heavy Jamaican accent became a staple of late night cable TV in the 1990s passed away Tuesday morning in Palm Beach County, Florida at age 53. According to a representative for Miss Cleo, real name Youree Harris, the actress was diagnosed with colon cancer which spread into her liver and lungs. During…