Babylon 5

HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Raids Babylon 5 Costumes

Image (c) HBO, Silicon Valley

By Jason Davis Senior Editor, Babylon 5 Books With last night’s season 4 debut of HBO’s “Silicon Valley” we are reminded of last season’s B5 costume sighting and how this is NOT the first time HBO has done this. Viewers of the third season episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley–titled “Daily Active Users”–might have noted the unusual…

Babylon 5’s “Garibaldi‟ Released From CNN Vault

babylon s garibaldi released from cnn vault after  years

Historic footage shot by CNN behind the scenes of TV show Babylon 5 was released this week, It includes never before seen footage and interviews with EpicTimes founder and president Jerry Doyle who played Lt. Michael Garibaldi for all five seasons. Exclusive clips from his interview below. UPDATE: Jerry Doyle Censored on “CNN Documents Babylon 5 DVD”…