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HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Raids Babylon 5 Costumes

Image (c) HBO, Silicon Valley

By Jason Davis Senior Editor, Babylon 5 Books With last night’s season 4 debut of HBO’s “Silicon Valley” we are reminded of last season’s B5 costume sighting and how this is NOT the first time HBO has done this. Viewers of the third seasonĀ episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley–titled “Daily Active Users”–might have noted the unusual…

HBO’s Game of Thrones: A Shorter Season 7 Starts Summer 2017

Image (c) HBO, Game of Thrones, Jon Snow, Season 7

HBO has confirmedĀ a pair of long standing season 7 rumors that have been swirling around the Emmy favorite drama, Game of Thrones. Fans are going to have to wait much longer for the season to air, and when it does air it’s going to have fewer episodes than previous seasons. Season 7 of the fantasy…