Your Time. Our Time. Epic Times. is a destination, born over the last three decades by watching the permanent political class, the media entertainment complex, the crony capitalists, the banker gangsters, the major political parties, the special interest lobbyists, the left/right paradigm and the Hollywood messaging machine, consistently get ahead while individuals fall further and further behind.

Over those past thirty years, I’ve had unique vantage points to watch this messaging and power grab develop. Currently, as the host of the fourth largest syndicated talk show in America, “The Jerry Doyle Show” with over 7.25 million weekly listeners, a twelve year acting career in Hollywood including the Emmy Award winning television series Babylon 5 and a decade as an Investment Banker on Wall Street in the heady days of the “Greed is Good” mentality.

The messaging from the haves to the have not’s is delivered over and over. The cavalry will be riding to your rescue. Assurances are made that if you join up with this group or that group, only then will that collective voice be the catalyst for real change. Promised that if you give “us” the power, you’ll be better off than if you give “them” the power and if you can just hang on and help us win this next election, the most important election in your lifetime, they’ll be a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.

The gatekeepers of the status quo are working overtime to convince us that we have no choice but to bail out Wall Street, raise the debt ceiling, police the world, save a near death mother earth, pay higher taxes and fees, retire later to save Social Security, wait longer for Medicare benefits and accept the big government power grab that’s working its way into every nook and cranny of our lives. They tell us that if we just sacrifice a little bit more, only eat these foods ,avoid these drinks, drive this type of car and countless other ways we can be more selfless, our lives will be all the better for it.

Well, the people have gotten their message and today the message they’re sending back is very straightforward. Stop telling me about the labor pains and show me the baby! What part of it’s my turn don’t you get. I am so done with you! I’m done asking, I’m doing!

There has never been a time in the past three decades where the individual; frustrated, angry and fed-up, is no longer asking or waiting for the cavalry to come to the rescue. They’re seeking out solutions on their own. They’re finding ways to make things work for them in the here and now. In record numbers they’re re-registering as political Independents. They’re tuning out of agenda cable television. Print news is slowing dramatically. Long established magazines are ceasing print publication. The people want results and they want it now!

So the question begs. Where can people find the resources, news, information and tools designed specifically with their needs in mind? Where their interests are the special interests? Where the choices they make are based on what the real story is not what the “machine” wants you to believe it is? Where the contributors, experts in their own fields, come together to share solution based ideas and insights with a community that is focused on problem solving and results? is that place. contributors will deliver the most relevant content in these and other impactful areas:

  • Money Matters
  • Technology
  • Small Business
  • Politics
  • Government Accountability
  • Your Health
  • Entertainment
  • Science

It’s my belief that the real changes will take place when power is closest to the people. The path forward for us individually and collectively is through foundational fixes that take place in the home, on a local level, the state level and eventually a federal and global one. There is no political messiah. There is no universal one size fits all approach that works efficiently. For too long our “responsibility” has compensated for their “irresponsibility”. It’s time we show them how it’s done.

Shortly before the 2012 election, I was giving a speech in Reno, NV. I was there in part to fire up a group of Independent minded, small L Libertarians who could best be described as fiscal conservatives and social moderates. At one point I was asking them to yell out what they wanted and expected from the government. People offered things like “cut spending”, “secure the borders”, “pay down the $16 trillion debt”, “audit the Fed”, “a flat tax” and “a balanced budget amendment”. I told them those were all very important things to work towards and anyone of them will likely take enormous time and effort if in fact they ever come to fruition. Then I told them what I really wanted the most. It was a Q-Tip.

The crowd looked at me as if I had grown a second head. The point I made to them was that as good as a balanced budget amendment sounded, I had just taken a shower in the hotel and they didn’t have any Q-Tips in the bathroom. While the big things are indeed important, sometimes when you have wet ears, all you really need is a Q-Tip! A Q-Tip when you really need one.