Top 10 Movies for a Girl’s Night

break out the nail polish a bottle of
your finest wine and get those ladies

come on you know i’m going to
merchandize it up style it up with some
shoes right
welcome to ms mojo and today we’re
counting down our picks for the top 10
movies for a girls night
just because you wear a wig doesn’t
prove you’re a girl ok then for this
we’re looking at the flicks adjust
screen girl power and go perfectly with
the ladies night in
no matter how many times you see these
popcorn movies they’re always a ton of
fun to rewatch don’t sell yourself short
now you’ve got something going for the
no 1 in the school have
oh I’m not a virgin did we miss one of
your favorite
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number 10 legally blonde Elwood’s
welcome to Harvard kicking off our list
and Reese Witherspoon’s mainstream
leading lady career is this comedy about
a girl who goes to Harvard Law to win
back her man in harvard is the only way
I’m gonna get the love of my life back
her fake it till you make it attitude
only gets you so far though and her
journey becomes one of Independence as
she learns to be a lawyer
Brooke Windham wouldn’t have had time to
hide the gun before you got downstairs
which would mean that you would have had
to have found mrs. Windham with a gun in
her hand to make your story plausible
isn’t that right along the way she
teaches this valuable lessons such as
the bend and snap the mandatory waiting
period before having a shower after a
perm and to always believe in yourself
I think you have something on the floor
that I need to pick up how you been
yeah never short on laughs this
feel-good movie has quickly become a
classic for any girl tonight
nobody can object to that
I have checked number nine
Miss Congeniality showing my hand up all
night I’m starting and I’m armed
don’t mess with me it’s the heat in high
the struggle for beauty is real with
women of all ages and no other film on
this list summarizes that struggle
better than Miss Congeniality
sandra bullock’s tough gal FBI agent
Gracie Hart must go undercover to
prevent a bomb threat against miss
United States beauty pageant of a don’t
worry it is nothing embarrassing you
know anything like you know
baton twirling or anything along the way
her coach portrayed by michael caine
teaches Gracie to embrace her inner
beauty and womanhood
all the while remaining true to herself
by the way what are you planning to do
the old town same dance – with your
mouth clip number eight
how to lose a guy in 10 days you can’t
lose something you never had men
am i right really digging into the set
of pitfalls of relationships
Kate Hudson’s a magazine writer who
writes an article titled that’s right
how to lose a guy in 10 days what are
you working on now
ok how to lose a guy in 10 days and for
the purpose of research
she must figure out how to do just that
my boyfriend is bad as maca
McConaughey’s cold advertising exact try
to settle his own back to make a woman
fall in love with him
this playful comedy hits its mark
attachments like art here also for all
you fans of the Texas hunk
look out for him again on this list all
right all right all right shake it out
maybe only have to concentrate since the
woman is driving me crazy
number 7 10 Things I Hate About You
hello Katerina make anyone cry today
sadly no but it’s only 430
who would have thought that the writings
of Shakespeare could translate so well
to a high school romance
I don’t like to do people expect
why should I live up to other people’s
expectations instead of my own loosely
based on the bart the taming of the
shrew this rom-com sees a young Heath
Ledger being hired to do Julia Stiles in
order to allow her younger sisters begin
dating ads for the families rules
my dad just came up with a new rule I
can date when my sister does
what develops is as sweet as it is
intelligent as a girl who shut yourself
off from the world learns to open up and
the tough guy learns to fall in love
is that right
yeah but I screwed up and my cell phone
number six
Bridget Jones diary diary
everyone knows tires just
anyone who’s ever struggled with the
relationship job or just finding their
place in the world
so in other words everyone can relate to
this 2001 adaptation of the best-selling
it’s the truth universally acknowledged
that the moment one area of your life
starts going ok another pot fit falls
spectacularly to pieces
meticulously outlining the thoughts and
feelings of women in the modern world
Renee Zellweger’s portrayal of the
titular heroin earned the actress and
oscar nomination and set the benchmark
for modern chick flicks
so why do you want to work in television
I’ve got to see my kind of job because I
shaft my boss
as such this honest yet heartwarming
glimpse into the inner workings of a
woman’s mind continues to resonate with
old and younger viewers alike
why I sorry the mic salt
what a working number five bring it on
brittany this is not a democracy it’s a
cheer ah cracy this one’s for those
viewers who don’t mind a little
you know who you are as a struggling
cheering squad finds out their routine
has been ripped off from a rival school
the competition gets hot and heavy as
they try to reinvent themselves
awesome oh wow like tell me pick me and
I am I not for sure
number one striking a chord with many
young women
this teen comedy still manages to hit
the nostalgia mark with 20-somethings
football two socks no matter how future
please not games to practice – it’s got
everything a girls night needs attitude
playfulness and style offering
don’t worry I never do number four
Magic Mike Magic Mike
this one has a pretty solid and there it
is or so we’ve been told but seriously
if you’re paying attention
you’ll find the story of a young man who
gets sucked into the life of a male
sorry we mean male entertainer alongside
his mentor the titular Magic Mike
you have anything sharp on you that I
can stick myself with the no good
because I do
featuring a who’s who of handsome men
taking off their clothes
this movie continually has ladies
watching in awe at the man Kenny so
artistically put on display that to the
law says that you cannot talk but I
think I see a lot of lawbreakers open it
this sequel may have had more of the top
but the originals the one with the good
easy Allison on three stick
cr3 state every since we first saw it
we haven’t been able to listen to pony
the same way
number three bridesmaids
I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to mr. time
that’s embarrassing
no other entry on this list hits such a
genuine level as this kristen wiig
comedy for which she also co-wrote the
script is the first time I’ve ever seen
the ugly makes me kind of happy dog with
no end up going on from the outrageously
hilarious to the tremendously awkward
this emotional roller coaster will have
you feeling for the characters while
laughing at and with them
you have three seconds to get back to
your seat you can’t get anywhere in
three seconds like we said this film
strength is in its characters realistic
nature girls of all ages relate to and
understand just what wig is going
most notably being down and out while
struggling to make a real relationship
work and maintaining the relationship
with her best friend this is such a
stone cold pack of wheels and I’m so
number two the devil wears prada angel
leave it to Anne Hathaway to once again
perfectly captured the every girl
persona in this timeless classic
there are some reason that my coffee
isn’t here is she died or something
featuring the Queen herself Meryl Streep
in one of her fiercest performances
the story follows a young journalist as
she becomes a personal assistant to the
double herself and gets more and more
intertwined in the snake pit that is the
fashion industry and you have no style
or sense of fashion
well I think that depends on what you’re
known it wasn’t a question it really
only captures the struggles that every
young woman faces and relishes and
hathaways triumph not funny
oh she is not happy unless everyone
around here is Panik not suicidal
it’s a must for any group of ladies
after a tough week at work
it’s low before we reveal our top pick
here are a few honorable mentions Jake
this myself incredibly done but I love
you and I’ll do anything to make you
love me
I love you sure I hit the ball
miss Stoeger that machine is just the
lawsuit waiting to happen
thanks for the legal advice skipped
everything like a weird dream
I can’t remember my life you need to
help me remember my life me
yes I can’t do that why not sees me know
what you guys are going to get pitch
slapped so hard your man boobs are gonna
concave if you love someone
you say it
say it right then allowed aspect co-vary
price special woman
the plant stuff is easy to believe
number one I mean girls
that is so fetch Gretchen stop trying to
make fetch happen it’s not going to
let’s be real for a second such is never
going to happen but mean girls has
already earned that spot as a girls
night staple from Africa
why are you . oh my god can you can just
ask people why they’re playing teen
comedy clich├ęs like a fiddle while
going deeper with them then some might
have expected
Mean Girls manages to be both personal
and hilarious at the same time I wish
that I could bake a cake made out of
frame bows and smiles and we don’t eat
be happy
she wasn’t even girl here in spite at
the absurdity it sometimes showcases the
movie has very close to home when it
depicts the social clique that exists
within high school
get her home shopping written by the
magnificently witty Tina Fey
it is a must for any team 20 or 30
somethings night in if only to relive
the pop culture references
did you agree with our list this is some
serious horseshit
what movie do you like to watch with the
gals how would I know for more top tens
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